Computational Linguistics

Human beings communicate via natural language and therefore, most of the data available today contains language. Unfortunately, we are usually not interested in the actual letters, but in the knowledge they convey. Human language is complex. To make sense of customer reviews, text corpora, reports, etc., we need customized approaches, including steps such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and text classification.

Our NLP team

Natural Language Processing (NLP) demands deep understanding of two worlds. The world of programming and AI, as well as the world of natural languages.

Our team combines both. Expertise in traditional linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics meets coding skills and machine learning.

From a technical point of view, natural language is always a challenge. As human language differs between domains and evolves over time, human knowledge is needed to make automatic processing possible. Trying to tackle the task only on a technical level is often not enough. Close communication and the will to understand the data are crucial to make projects succeed. We dive deep into your domain to make your texts our territory. Automating tasks in Natural Language Processing to support our client is our goal.

We are curious about what we can do with NLP in your business.

Please contact us to start the thinking process and discussion about what is possible with NLP and how it could be beneficial in your business and your specific use cases.