A place to grow


Respect, commitment, ambitions and learning determine the core values of our company. Working with L-One Systems means being part of a productive community. We count results, not working hours.



The technology world changes every day. To keep up the pace, we have committed 10% of the work time of all our colleagues to learning. Our “learning in the job” initiative fuels our team permanently with new ideas and prevents us from missing the next trend.

Every team member gets sponsored access to a platform with thousands of online courses for self-responsible learning.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body

Working at L-One Systems means having sponsored access to a company fitness program. Our colleagues enjoy premium memberships in fitness gyms, weekly sessions with our company fitness coach as well as workout sessions together with the team.

Diverse and Balanced Teams

  • We have a 50/50 ratio of man and women in our teams.

  • We employ people from six different countries.

  • Our work is driven by years of experience on the one hand and by curiosity and passion of fresh-graduates on the other hand.

Mobile-First Company

Our people work from everywhere. Our three offices are constantly connected with each other. Precise communication is considered as the most important task for our colleagues.

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