Digitization at its best.


L-One Systems is your partner for ambitious and long-term software projects.

We support you in the conception, implementation and maintenance of the
automation and digitization project in your business. 


Web & App

Bring your solution to your users

The look and feel of any software is equally important as its functionality. User interfaces and user interactions must be designed for the specific purposes of the application. Whether it is for the web, for mobile devices or other proprietary systems, we help you to bring your software to your users.

Computational Linguistics

Software understands your contents

Computer Linguistics and Natural Language Processing are one of the trending topics in Artificial Intelligence. This technology enables software systems to understand written and spoken text and perform specific tasks automatically. We are experienced in working with domain-specific language and texts for the purpose of automation.


Artificial Intelligence

We know what it is And what it isn’t

Today’s available computing power enabled the “Artificial Intelligence” trend. The internet of things, distributed and connected systems made huge data collection processes possible. Both combined allow us to find patterns in data like numbers, texts and images. In this, computers outperform humans in speed and accuracy.

Cloud Infrastructure

Make it Ubiquitous

Having a software tool available at any time and in any place in the world became natural for us nowadays. We enable this by working with the most powerful and modern cloud systems available, always having data protection and security in mind.
Is your software system in the cloud already?