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L-One Systems runs an offshore team with highly qualified software developers.
We offer affordable software development power, managed by our team in Darmstadt, Germany.


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What is “Outstaffing”?

Outstaffing is a way of remote employment. Through a service provider, outstaffing customers can enlarge their software development team without having to hire them directly. The outstaffing customer and the service provider enter a service contract. In many cases, service providers run offshore teams to make use of lower labor-cost in other countries. In contrary, the service provider takes care about hiring, managing and training the development team (Human Resource Management) and guarantees availability.

The outstaffing at L-One Systems guarantees you dedicated developers who become part of your on-site team and adopt the working culture of your team. This ensures long-term success and provides an opportunity of sustainable growth of your business.


Affordable, high quality and trustworthy relationship

Did you hire software developers in Germany already? You probably felt the insufficient supply of very good developers in the German labor market.
You can book your development power through us. We provide you a transparent and trustworthy service and take over full responsibility for the availability of the staff for your project. Additionally, we ensure a smooth and substantial growth of your outstaffing team. Our dedicated offshore HR management team conducts monthly feedback with you and the developers and adjusts training plans accordingly.


Which level of experience do the developers have?

Our offshore developers are climbing a five-level career path in our company. You can choose what is suitable for your needs and complements your own team best.


The Junior Developer position provides us the opportunity for hiring fresh-graduates. For the developers this is a perfect chance for starting their career.

Team Developers already have full-time industrial software development experience. They are familiar with certain technologies and frameworks, have experience in working in agile teams and can fluently communicate in English.

Developers are highly productive and able to work independent from their supervisors. They develop high-quality code, have very good communication skills (very important in outstaffing) and have successfully completed projects in our company already.

Senior Developers have minimum three years of full-time industrial software development experience. They are able to reach your business goals (deadlines, quality) with a very high productivity and have an advisory role within the development team.

Lead Developers have five or more years of experience. They are leading agile software development teams and communicate directly to the business teams of our customers.

Are you prepared for Outstaffing?

To make Outstaffing a success in your company, your organization should fulfill some criteria. With our self-check you can validate if your business is ready to incorporate an offshore team through our Outstaffing offer.

Technology Stack

Our developers have a wide range of technical skills and experiences. For more information, check out the technology stack available in our offshore team.

Why Outstaffing with L-One Systems?

  • Growth opportunity: High quality and low cost.

  • We are German company, based in Germany. Our technical and organizational contact persons are located in Darmstadt.

  • Short hiring times. Our developers are usually productive after max. one month.

  • Our offshore developers become closely connected with your on-site developers.

  • We continuously train and coach our people in

    • Technical skills

    • Soft skills (e.g. communication)

  • No need for HR management or administration for you.

  • “Cultural translation” gets managed by our team in Germany.

  • Together with the client, we regularly review the outstaffing process and adapt it to fit with your internal processes.

  • Our offshore management team conducts monthly feedback loops in which you can give feedback on the developers’ performance.


How much does it cost?

The price for Outstaffing depends on

  • Team size (number of developers)

  • Career/skill level

  • Duration of the contract

  • Service Level Agreement

Please contact us to receive a customized offer for your needs.

Service Level Agreements

Our offshore developers work full-time which means 5 days per week and 8 hours per day (40 hours per week in total). The working days are from Sunday to Thursday. The time zone of our offshore team is UTC+3 (one hour ahead of German time).

For other requirements we offer different Service Level Agreements (SLA). Those can include the availability on weekends as well as the availability for more than 8 hours per day in times where a higher availability is required (e.g. release dates).

Please approach us with your demands for an individual SLA.

What our customers say

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