The digital platform for the gardening industry

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Shaufel is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for gardening companies. With Shaufel we bring the administration of gardening companies into the digital age and integrate many third-party services into the ecosystem of gardeners. Our customers save about 50 percent of their resources for administrating their operational processes and back-office.


Shaufel online

Shaufel online knows all administrative processes from the gardeners’ back-office. Customer management, billing, payments and more are handled by this Shaufel component.


Shaufel Go

Shaufel go is used by the florists in flower shops as well as the gardeners who work outdoor for planting. It is available as web app (e.g. used on cash machines in flower shops) and as native app for Android and iOS devices with online and offline usage.


Shaufel THM

We have an exclusive partnership with trustees in the market of long-term grave care on cemeteries. The component Shaufel THM connects gardeners with their trustee digitally and automates administrative processes.