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Natural Language Processing

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With Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG), companies accelerate internal processes and gain valuable insights from large volumes of written or spoken text. Increasingly, companies are automating operational processes with NLP solutions.

The potential applications are many and varied: Natural Language Processing is also used to identify patterns and context in unstructured text data. Companies can, for example, automatically combine information from various sources into a single document. Or they evaluate customer feedback, survey responses and social media comments in a time-saving manner.

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Splitting for Success

Focused Expertise

Since 2023, Eloquest has bundled the NLP & NLG expertise of the former L-One division. The startup focuses on the development of custom-fit NLP and NLG solutions for companies, while L-One Systems offers general software development services with the service models Team Extension and Outsourcing.

Despite the separation, the two companies continue to collaborate on many projects and combine their expertise. In this way, they develop integrated applications for their customers and jointly drive innovative solutions.

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Sarah Holschneider, CEO & Co-Founder of Eloquest