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Here, our experts share their expertise and provide detailed insights. You'll learn what makes successful software solutions, how to develop them, and much more.


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ROI after 3 years with external developers

The startup agriBORA has been developing its SaaS platform with L‑One Systems since the beginning. CEO Kizito Odhiambo talks about the return on investment of this decision.

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Choosing the right IT service provider: three practical tips

Problems often arise when working with offshore developers. If you follow these three tips, you will get off to a successful start with an offshore IT service provider.

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What makes a digital product successful? Three practical examples

Some software products go through the roof, others fail. What makes the difference? That's what our CEO Lionel Born shows in this short video using three example products.

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How to Design Software, That’s Easy to Scale

Digital solutions undergo lots of changes within their life cycle. To facilitate them, developers should follow five principles for good software design.

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Why a Software Product Needs a Stable Foundation and How You Build it

Before programming begins, you must build the technical foundation of your digital product. Replacing it is time-consuming and expensive. It must be well elaborated.

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This is how much your open IT positions cost you

If you want to better evaluate recruiting measures and alternatives, you need to know how much unfilled positions cost. The individual "cost of vacancy" can be calculated with a simple formula.

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