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3 tips from the practice

How to choose the right IT service provider

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3 tips for successful IT partnerships

"My first project with external software developers was a flop," says our CEO and founder Lionel Born. He lost 3,000 euros, missed deadlines and gave away valuable time.

What went wrong back then and what he learned from it, he tells in this video.

practical tips

Lionel's 3 tips from practice

Many companies want to take advantage of offshore software development. But problems often arise during the collaboration.

This is how our CEO and founder Lionel Born felt many years ago in his software projects.

His first contact with external software developers disappointed him. These three things are crucial for him to find the right IT service provider:

1. Values: Find a partner that fits you

It is crucial that you share the same values. A sympathetic contact person and similar values create the basis for a successful collaboration and prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

2. Language: Make sure you understand each other

Smooth communication is the be-all and end-all for any project. English may be a common language, but dialects and unclear pronunciation make precise communication difficult.

Make sure the offshore IT experts speak good English before the project starts! Video interviews or an intensive video call to get to know them can help.

3. Culture: Find a partner who bridges the cultural gap

In Germany, we value precision, quality and proactivity. This is not the case in all cultures. When you work directly with IT service providers from abroad, this can become a problem.

Find a partner who understands your requirements and ensures that communication and culture do not pose a hurdle.

Those who follow these three tips will get off to a successful start with their offshore IT service provider.

L-One offers offshore development that is fun

Our own bad experiences with IT service providers from abroad laid the foundation for our business model at L-One.

We combine offshore IT expertise with German reliability

Our L-One team in Darmstadt accompanies our customers as they work with our development team in Damascus (offshore).

✔️ We guarantee smooth communication and high software quality.
✔️ Responsibility for project success lies with us in Darmstadt.

Our customers benefit from cost-effective daily rates, access to highly qualified IT experts and a fast project start - 100% reliable and without compromise.

our model

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Rely on a proven offshore model

Find out now how we at L-One ensure smooth communication and high software quality in all our projects.