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We revolutionize offshore software development

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our approach

L-One Systems is based in Darmstadt. In 2018, we set up a software development team in Damascus in Syria, i.e. "offshore."

Why Damascus? The time difference is only 1 hour and Damascus University trains highly qualified IT experts.

A win-win situation:

🚀 Our customers benefit from cost-efficient, qualified IT experts and a quick start to development.

🎓 In Damascus, we attract the best IT experts thanks to fair wages.

We offer our customers access to an attractive offshore location. But how do we revolutionize offshore software development for you? Get to know our success model:

You save your budget. We ensure your quality standards

With L-One, you benefit from the advantages of offshore software development - guaranteed reliability and no compromises.

You get a flexible contract including a satisfaction guarantee. The contractual partner is L-One in Darmstadt, Germany.

Our German team will accompany your project and ensure smooth communication and high software quality. You can find out exactly how we do this below.

A customer meeting in our office in Darmstadt with Feras Tanan (center), Head of Software Development L-One, and Valerie Dietsche (right), Head of Customer Relations L-One.

our model

How the L‑One offshore model works

Our experts for remote software development from the Rhine-Main area build the bridge between you and our L-One developer team in Damascus.

This is how we ensure a successful collaboration:

  • Our Customer Relations Management in Darmstadt organizes the onboarding of the developers and supports your project.
  • We set up processes and tools for successful collaboration. We take into account the preferences of your in-house team and the existing communication and development environment.
  • The team in Darmstadt supports the collaboration. We are always there for you if you have any questions or problems.
  • We are in contact with your L-One development team and our customers: In this way, we ensure that both sides know how to work together optimally and what goals they are pursuing at all times.

This is how we guarantee high software quality:

  • Our Head of Software Development in Darmstadt manages our Offshore Developer Team together with his team leaders on site. He is regularly in Damascus for this purpose.
  • The experienced system architects ensure that our project teams develop high-quality software in accordance with German standards.
  • They also monitor the performance of the L-One developers and the quality of their work.
  • We train new team members in the Western work culture. This is how we build the cultural bridge for our customers.

This graphic shows what the L-One offshore model for our team extension service looks like. This is what the model for our outsourcing service looks like.

This graphic (click to enlarge) shows how your IT team works together with the dedicated L-One development team in the Team extension service model and how we support you in this.

save up to 30%

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Our daily rates are convincing

Profit from our attractive daily rates. The German L‑One team accompanies your project at no extra charge.

Simply request and receive daily rates in a few minutes by mail.


Our success model for outsourcing customers

Does your company not have the capacity or technical expertise to manage the project and coordinate the development team? Then we recommend the „Outsourcing“ service model.

You are involved in the project, but we take over the technical project management and relieve you of coordination tasks.

An L-One Engineering Manager manages your project and coordinates the dedicated development team for you.

L-One takes over the technical project management:

  • Creation of the project roadmap and a technical concept based on your product requirements
  • Leading the sprint planning meetings
  • Definition of work packages and technical requirements
  • Documentation of development progress and reporting to you
  • Monitoring and ensuring team performance and quality of work

Our Engineering Manager Kinana explains how the collaboration works and more in this short video – watch it now!

If you opt for the "Outsourcing" service model, you will of course also benefit from our L-One offshore model:

With our "Outsourcing" service model, an L-One engineering manager takes over the technical management of your project. Our team in Darmstadt is responsible for the success of the project (click graphic to enlarge).


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L-One in Interview

Get to know our Engineering Manager Kinana

How does the collaboration with L-One work? What is particularly important to our Engineering Manager Kinana Rimawi? Kinana tells us this and more in this video. Watch it now!

Curious? Learn more about our Offshore Developer Team!


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Whether you want to work closely with the L-One developers or outsource a project.

We have the right service model for you.

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