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How our customers achieve their goals with L‑One

Since 2012, companies have been accelerating their software projects with L-One from the Rhine-Main region.

Medium-sized companies and start-ups often work with our teams of IT experts on a long-term basis – and we build up expertise for their business case and software system.

What challenges do our customers solve with us and what does the collaboration look like? You can find out in our case studies.

Our case studies only show some of our projects. Are you interested in more references? Just send us a message!




"We were able to pursue and achieve new development goals"

EASY-ROB Software GmbH develops software modules for industrial robotics. L-One provided the customer with three developers who developed a CAD-based robot offline programming system for EASY-ROB.

Logo L-One Systems customer EASY-ROB

At a glance

    • Challenge: Manpower needed to realize new development goals
    • Solution: L-One team with 3 developers
    • Expertise: Development of a CAD-based robot offline programming system
    • Project timeframe: 2020-2021
    • Tech stack and skills: C, C++ und C# (based on MS Visual Studio), 3D graphics, 3D data formats, OpenGL


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Customer testimonials

How do long-standing customers rate our service and the collaboration with L-One? You can find out on the Clutch platform.


"There was excellent cooperation and open communication"

movus GmbH from Vienna develops and distributes digital solutions. In order to bring new features to the market in a cost-efficient and timely manner, movus commissioned L-One with the further development. L-One took on the project from concept to release.

Logo L-One Systems customer movus

At a glance

    • Challenge: Development of new features and refactoring, despite lack of in-house capacity
    • Solution: Assignment of a dedicated L-One team
    • Expertise: Full Stack Web Development & API Integration
    • Project timeframe: 2020-2022
    • Tech stack: MySQL, Node.js, Vue.js


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just experts

"We were impressed by the team's technical expertise"

The strategy and digital consulting company just experts implements digital transformation projects for medium-sized companies. Just experts was looking for a technology partner to develop scalable, future-proof software solutions from software prototypes. The Düsseldorf-based SME has been working successfully with L-One Systems since 2023.

Logo L-One-Kunde Just Experts

At a glance

    • Challenge: Develop a customizable, scalable AI application (SaaS) that makes companies more productive
    • Solution: L-One expert team with tech lead, technical project management and 2 full-stack developers
    • Expertise: Requirements analysis, agile project management, full stack development & connection of AI systems (including ChatGPT), management of cloud solutions and services (Azure)
    • Customer: since 2023
    • Tech stack: Frontend: TypeScript & Tailwind CSS; Backend: Python, Azure functions & services, LangChain, SQLAlchemy, Docker, Microsoft Entra ID; Cloud: Microsoft Azure


Digitization of operational processes for a water treatment company

AQUA-CONCEPT GmbH specializes in safe water treatment. In 2023, the established company commissioned L-One to design and develop a customized software solution.

The aim was to make operating processes more efficient, analyze data automatically, improve reporting and identify optimization potential.

A team of L-One IT experts delved deep into AQUA-CONCEPT's area of expertise and developed a customized software solution. Since the launch, L-One has been responsible for maintenance and further development.

L-One-Kunde Aqua Concept Logo

At a glance

    • Challenge: Manual operational processes are time-consuming and expensive, and optimization potential often remains unrecognized.
    • Solution: L-One developed a custom web application that digitizes daily work and operational processes. The project team consisted of 1 engineering manager, 1 tech lead and 4 developers.
    • Expertise: Technical project management (agile / Scrum) and Full Stack Web Development
    • Client since 2023
    • Tech stack: React, Laravel, Python, MySQL

wer denkt was

"Thanks to L‑One we are maximally flexible"

wer denkt was GmbH develops software for its own products and customers. Core products are digital participation platforms such as the app "appJobber", a successful crowdworking app with over one million users in Europe. The company also serves customers from various industries with the L-One developer team.

Logo L-One Systems Kunde wer denkt was

At a glance

    • Challenge: Flexible developer capacity for new customer projects, e.g. migration of a system to new technologies
    • Solution: Current team of 2 L‑One offshore developers
    • Expertise: Frontend Web Development
    • Customer: since 2021
    • Tech stack: Angular


"There are many things I appreciate about working with L‑One"

Why did the software company wer denkt was choose L‑One?

Thomas Tregel, project manager at wer denkt was, talks about this and more in this short video:



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"We appreciate L‑One's technical expertise and commitment"

The German scaleup neuroflash is the DACH market leader for AI text and image generation with more than 500,000 users. neuroflash CTO Tobias Dobberphul praises the close cooperation with L-One: "The effective communication and the willingness to tackle all new challenges with commitment make the L-One team a valuable partner."

L-One Systems Kundenreferenz Logo Neuroflash

At a glance

    • Challenge: Enhancing the backend architecture and code of a SaaS application, development of new features (connection of AI systems, integration of payment solutions, etc.)
    • Solution: L-One team with 2-5 developers incl. Scrum Master
    • Expertise: Back-end development and Scrum
    • Customer since 2022
    • Tech stack: Laravel, PHP


"Thanks to the L‑One team, we work fast and agile"

agriBORA has been working with L-One Systems since 2020. Since then, the agri-fintech company has continued to expand its dedicated L-One development team. In 2023, an engineering manager was added. She coordinates the L-One development team and takes over daily management tasks from agriBORA's in-house team.

Logo L-One Systems customer agribora

At a glance

    • Challenge: Scaling the platform requires manpower and expertise; agriBORA also wants to save time and costs
    • Solution: L-One team with 3 developers, 1 engineering manager, 1 tech lead & 1 quality assurance manager
    • Expertise: Fullstack development for SaaS platform leveraging satellite-based data
    • Customer since 2020
    • Tech stack: Frontend: React; Backend: laravel, Node.js, Python (Django, Flask), PostgreSQL; Cloud: AWS


"With L‑One, we find developers - in less time than in Germany"

Since 2020, blink.it has been scaling its development resources with a dedicated team from L-One. Managing Director Michael Witzke cites the biggest challenge in software development: "Finding developers who can quickly learn the existing code. With the team from L-One, we have found a good partner."

Logo L-One Systems customer blink.it

At a glance

    • Challenge: Find good developers at a reasonable price
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack Web Development 
    • Customer since 2020
    • Tech stack: now: JavaScript, Node.js; before: mongoDB, express, React, Node.js (MERN Stack), AWS


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"Onboarding went incredibly well and smoothly"

The startup Lylu has found the perfect partner in L-One to scale the development of the Lylu app. The dedicated L-One developer team started working on the project just two weeks after the contract was signed. It helped Lylu meet deadlines and accelerate the software development process during the scaling phase.

Logo L-One Systems customer Lylu

At a glance

    • Challenge: Rapid scaling of software development
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack Mobile App Development 
    • Customer from 2020-2022
    • Tech stack: Ionic using Angular, Express - Node.js (installed on Termux), Appium (for automation)


Digitization of processes for horticultural businesses (SaaS solution)

The Shaufel Online software solution automates and optimizes operational processes for horticultural businesses. The application was developed by L-One Systems and successfully sold in 2020.

The SaaS platform includes a web app for administration, a simplified application for store employees and a mobile app for horticulturists. Data is synchronized in real time across all applications.

The software manages orders, helps horticulturists document tasks, automates invoicing and financial management and much more.

transparent logo placeholder platzhalter

At a glance

    • Challenge: Development of a SaaS platform that automates workflows in horticultural businesses & continuous further development of the application (including migration from PHP 5 to PHP 7)
    • Solution: L-One project team with 1 engineering manager and 8 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack Web and Mobile App Development
    • Service model: L-One in-house project
    • L-One successfully sold the software solution in 2020
    • Tech stack: Web app (complex version): PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL; Web App (simple version): Angular; Mobile app: Xamarin


"The collaboration is professional and agile"

As a software development partner, L-One Systems has developed for Solorrow a software-as-a-service application for farmers. In November 2019, the startup won the Hessian Founders Award for the satellite-based Solorrow app.

Logo L-One Systems customer Solorrow

At a glance

    • Challenge: Developing a satellite-based precision farming app
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack SaaS Mobile App Development 
    • Project timeframe: 2018 – 2021
    • Tech stack: PHP, CakePHP, Microsoft Azure, Xamarin


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