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Case Study just experts

„Thanks to the German L-One team, things are running even more smoothly and quickly“ 

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About just experts

The strategy and digital consulting company just experts implements digital transformation projects for medium-sized companies. In 2023, just experts was looking for a long-term technology partner to develop scalable, future-proof software solutions from software prototypes.

Close collaboration with L-One since 2023

"We appreciate the commitment, flexibility and quick thinking of the L-One expert team."

Daniel Stroh, Managing Director of just experts

Development of an AI assistant

The first joint project: the development of the AI assistant "Supporthub", which helps Microsoft 365 users to work more productively. The solution, which can be individually adapted to the company, enables secure access to the latest AI technologies. Supporthub supports repetitive tasks such as content creation, research activities and more.

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The first version of the AI assistant was created by just experts with Power Apps. However, the application quickly reached its limits. Its performance and user-friendliness did not meet the requirements.

Therefore, just experts decided to develop the MVP into a professional software solution that is scalable, interactive and reliable.

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The L-One team of experts put together especially for just experts took on this task with great dedication.

With extensive knowledge of full-stack development, an agile way of working and a versatile tech stack, the team developed a customized solution for just experts.

L-One also established a CI/CD process for continuous integration and delivery of the software. This approach ensures high code quality, rapid provision of new versions, fewer integration problems and smooth releases at all times.

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The L-One team of experts dove deep into the project requirements and worked closely with the product owner from just experts. They use agile methods and discuss important technical decisions in order to achieve the best possible results.

"The support of the German L-One team ensures an even faster and smoother development process," says Viola Herbert, Project Manager at just experts.

Transparent communication & regular demos

Through sprint review meetings, transparent planning and regular demos, L-One ensures that everyone involved is always informed about the current status and the next steps. The L-One team also carefully documents all important steps.

"An L-One Engineering Manager coordinates the development process. Communication is very good. She quickly understood and implemented our project management requirements," says Viola Herbert.

Ideal partner for an agile project

Last but not least, just experts appreciates the commitment, flexibility and quick grasp of the L-One team.

"These soft skills are essential for an agile project," says Daniel Stroh, CEO of just experts. "We have found an ideal partner in L-One."

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Develop a customizable, scalable AI/KI application that makes businesses more productive
    • Solution: L-One expert team with tech lead, technical project management and 2 full-stack developers
    • Expertise: Requirements analysis, agile project management, full-stack development & connection of AI systems (including ChatGPT), management of cloud solutions and services (Azure), infrastructure as code with Terraform
    • Customer since 2023
    • Tech stack: Frontend: Typescript & Tailwind CSS; Backend: Python, Azure functions & services, LangChain, SQLAlchemy, Docker, Microsoft Entra ID; Cloud: Microsoft Azure

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How offshore development succeeds

With the L-One model we ensure the success of your project: Our German team builds the bridge between our customers and our own offshore development team in Damascus, Syria.

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