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What does it cost to develop software with L‑One?

We develop your software – cost-efficiently and according to German quality standards

Anyone comparing the costs of external software development services usually looks at the daily or hourly rates of external IT experts.

In other words: What does it cost if the developer works on my project for a day or an hour? This quickly reveals price differences.

Which services are included in a daily rate depends, for example, on whether it is a freelancer or a software development service provider with its own team.

Our team in the Rhine-Main region is responsible for the success of your project. You have a dedicated contact person in Darmstadt who will support your project.

More than just manpower: What do our prices include?

Our team in the Rhine-Main region is responsible for the success of your project. You have a dedicated contact person in Darmstadt who will support your project.

These services are always included in our service. Below you can find out what this means for you and your project.

Dedizierte L-One-Expertenteams

Onboarding with proven processes & tools

Our experts in the Rhine-Main region organize the onboarding of the L-One expert team in your project.

We work with you to set up processes and tools for successful collaboration.

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Contact person in the Rhine-Main region

Your contact in Darmstadt will support your project and ensure that it always runs smoothly.

We are always there for you if you have any questions. You benefit from our tried-and-tested processes and our many years of experience with remote development teams.

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German contract, German standards

You will receive a flexible contract in accordance with German law. Your contractual partner is L-One Systems in Darmstadt in the Rhine-Main area.

Our German team will take responsibility for the success of your project. We set and monitor our high quality standards in Darmstadt.

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Building up know-how for your company

We build up customer-specific know-how in every project. The L-One IT experts familiarize themselves intensively with your business logic, goals and software systems.

We maintain this know-how for you in the long term and integrate new developers into your project as required.

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Our prices

For software developers, our prices start at 260 euros per day. You only pay for the working days of your dedicated L-One developer team.

Our prices may vary, as they depend not only on the seniority of the developers, but also on contract duration, team size and tech stack.

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