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Team Expansion or Outsourcing: Choose a service model & get started

With all our service models, the responsibility for your success lies with our German team in the Rhine-Main area.

With L-One as your German contractual partner, you benefit from the advantages of offshore software development – 100% reliable and secure.

Our remote software development experts build the bridge between you and our development team from Darmstadt:

💬 Our Customer Relations Management, led by Valerie Dietsche, ensures smooth communication.

💯 Our Head of Software Development in Darmstadt, Feras Tanan, and his team leaders guarantee high software quality.


L‑One range of services

Our service models for your success

Achieve your goals with our qualified offshore development teams - expand your development team or outsource a project. With both service models, all rights to the developed source code remain with your company.

You are unsure which model fits best to your project? - Book a free consultation now!

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Team extension

Your tech team works directly with the L-One developers. Your Product Owner/CTO coordinates the development team.

    • We will put together a dedicated team of L-One IT experts for you in 4 to 6 weeks.
    • The L-One team works in your development and communication environment (language: English).
    • Your contact person in Darmstadt supports the collaboration and ensures its success (communication: German or English).
    • We train new team members and build up know-how for your business case.
    • Contract according to German law
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We implement your software project - from concept to go-live. L‑One takes over the technical project management.

    • You receive an offer including costs, time frame and required expertise as well as a roadmap for your project.
    • We develop the technical concept and the project roadmap (including prototype if required).
    • We manage the development from concept to release (agile working method in sprints).
    • You receive regular updates on the progress of the project and can provide feedback.
    • Regular releases are possible.
    • We are responsible for quality assurance and software testing.
    • Project responsibility in Darmstadt: Your contact person accompanies the project and ensures its success (communication: German or English).
    • Support, maintenance and further development after project completion
    • Contract according to German law
team extension

Get started together and achieve results quickly

With our "team extension" service model, you accelerate your software projects - while retaining full control over the development process.

Your dedicated L-One development team works closely with your in-house team. We rely on our tried-and-tested onboarding process to ensure that you get off to a successful start together and achieve results quickly:

Zahl eins für Discovery Softwareprojekt

Setting goals for the collaboration

We attach great importance to recording our customers' expectations of the collaboration right from the start and communicating them to the entire team.

For example, a joint project roadmap with clearly defined milestones is suitable for this.

We also make sure that both teams know what the collaboration processes should look like. This ensures that everything runs smoothly right from the start.

Zahl zwei für Vertrag Softwareentwicklung

Getting to know your domain

We ensure that our development team has a deep understanding of your business case.

The L-One IT experts familiarize themselves comprehensively with your business logic, the requirements for your software, its technical and content context and the end users.

In this way, the L-One experts become sparring partners for your team and create real added value.

Establishing successful communication

Effective communication is the key to every successful project.

We work with you to define the communication channels and tools, select suitable meeting formats and determine the frequency and reporting requirements.

We focus on the needs of our customers and are happy to advise you.

Our team in Germany supports the project. In this way, we effectively prevent misunderstandings and ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Zahl vier für Onboarding Entwickler

Technical onboarding

To enable efficient collaboration, the L-One IT experts need access to your development environment, your communication tools, your ticket system and other relevant tools.

During technical onboarding, we support you with our checklists and ensure that we think of everything right from the start.

Your project will get off to a successful start and you will quickly see the first results.

our model

You save your budget. We ensure your quality standards.

Do you want to expand your development capacities flexibly and cost-effectively with external IT experts - but you have had bad experiences with freelancers or foreign service providers?

With L-One from the Rhine-Main region, you can reliably strengthen your team and rely on German quality standards.

Our team of IT experts at our development site has the expertise for your project - our team in Darmstadt ensures the success of the collaboration.Your in-house IT team will work closely with one of our dedicated offshore development teams - our German team will guide the collaboration and ensure your success.

We ensure smooth communication

  • Our Customer Relations Management in the Rhein-Main area (Darmstadt) organizes the onboarding of the developers in your project.
  • We set up processes and tools for successful collaboration. We take into account the preferences of your in-house team and the existing communication and development environment.
  • We are in contact with your in-house IT team and the L-One development team and ensure that both teams know how to work together optimally and what goals they are pursuing together.
  • We support the collaboration. We are always there for our customers if they have any questions or problems.

We guarantee high software quality

  • Our Head of Software Development in Darmstadt manages our offshore development team together with his team leaders on site. He is regularly in Damascus for this purpose.
  • The experienced system architects ensure that our project teams develop high-quality software according to German standards.
  • The software development management also monitors the performance of the L-One developers and the quality of their work.
  • We train new team members in the Western work culture. This is how we build the cultural bridge for our customers.

How the collaboration with L-One works and more is told by our Engineering Manager Kinana in this short video – watch it now!

See how your IT team works with the dedicated L-One development team and how our German team supports you in this graphic (click to enlarge).


Doktorhut Symbolbild für qualifizierte Programmierer

Find developers for older tech stacks

Are you looking for experts in technologies such as PHP, Java or monolithic architectures?

Our development team is also well positioned for older technologies.

This is how we build up know-how for you

Your business logic is complex? New developers need to familiarize themselves intensively with your software system before they can get started?

Complex software projects require not only technical expertise, but above all focus and project-specific know-how.

That's why your dedicated L-One team of experts only works on your project. They work their way deep into your specialist area and the software system.

Our CEO Lionel Born explains here how we maintain this know-how in the long term:



Get to know us & how we work

In our Tech Assessment Workshop, we bring your tech team and the L-One IT experts together. You get to know our team and our way of working.

Our IT experts will analyze your software project. You will receive a comprehensive tech assessment as well as a cost estimate and can take the next steps.

Are you ready to get started?

Send us a non-binding inquiry now. We will get back to you immediately.

- You will find out how you can achieve your goals with us.
- You benefit free of charge from our many years of experience with remote teams.


Frequently asked questions about the "Team extension" service model

Do you still have questions? If you can't find what you're looking for in our FAQ, just send us a message! - Ask a question now.


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Save up to 30 %

Get off to a flying start with L-One - despite a tight budget.

You'll receive our price overview by e-mail in a minute.

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Discover the successes of our customers

L-One from Darmstadt has been supporting companies with software development since 2012.

Find out what challenges our customers solve with us.

Outsourcing with L‑One

This service model is suitable for you if your team does not have the capacity or know-how to take over the technical project management and coordinate the development team.

Our IT experts take your software project in hand - you concentrate on your core business. Our outsourcing services include:


Icon für Softwaremodernisierung

Analysis & requirements definition

We start every project with a detailed analysis of your needs. In our Tech Assessment Workshop we define the requirements for the software together.

This is how we ensure that our solution is perfectly tailored to your goals.

Icon als Symbol für Herausforderung

Technical concept & project roadmap

Our experts develop a tailor-made technical concept and a project roadmap.

We rely on the best technologies and innovative development methods. This gives you a flexible and future-proof solution.

Icon for technical concept & project roadmap

Software development

A dedicated L-One development team implements your software solution.

An L-One engineering manager coordinates the team, ensuring consistently high performance and documenting development progress.

Medaille Symbolbild für L-One Zufriedenheitsgarantie

Quality assurance & testing

We develop software according to high quality standards. Our Head of Software Development in the Rhine-Main region sets high standards in our quality assurance and ensures that our team lives up to them.

He is supported by his team leaders and specially trained experts on site.

Icon of a man moving forward as a symbol of success

Technical project management

An experienced L-One engineering manager will take charge of your project and ensure that it runs smoothly, keeping you continuously informed about the progress of development and ensuring that the schedule is adhered to.

Icon für maßgeschneiderte Softwareentwicklung

Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance service ensures that your software is always up to date and runs smoothly.

A modern software system must constantly evolve as the digital ecosystem changes. Your L-One team will be happy to support you with the expertise it has built up for your project.


Our team in Darmstadt ensures your success

We ensure smooth communication

  • Our Customer Relations Management team in the Rhine-Main area (Darmstadt) is in close contact with you and the L-One project team, especially at the start of the project.
  • We make sure that the goals and requirements of the project are clear.
  • We make sure that your communication with the L-One engineering manager runs smoothly.
  • Our Customer Relations Management accompanies you and your project. We are always there for our customers if they have any questions or problems.

We guarantee high software quality

  • Our Head of Software Development in Darmstadt manages our offshore development team together with his team leaders on site. He is regularly in Damascus for this purpose.
  • The experienced system architects ensure that our project teams develop high-quality software in accordance with German standards.
  • The software development manager also monitors the performance of the L-One developers and the quality of their work.
  • They train new team members in the western working culture. This is how we build the cultural bridge for our customers.

Our Engineering Manager Kinana explains how the cooperation with L-One works and more in this short video – watch it now!

An L-One engineering manager takes over the technical management of your project. Our team in Darmstadt is responsible for the success of the project and ensures smooth communication and high software quality (click graphic to enlarge).


Icon Beratungsgespräch zum Thema Entwickler finden

Book a free consultation

You will receive a professional assessment of your project from our experts.

We will advise you on how to approach your project successfully.

Our billing models

We offer the right billing model for every outsourcing project. Find out now which model is suitable for your project:

Fixed-price model

If you choose this model, you pay a fixed amount in advance. It is fixed, even if details change during the course of the project.

This model is well-suited if you can clearly define the project requirements in advance.

We calculate the fixed price based on the scope of the project and the requirements that we have agreed with you. If there are any changes to these basics during the course of the project, we will inform you. You decide if you want to increase the budget.

"Time and Material"-Model

With this model, you only pay for the days our development team worked on your project, as well as for the required resources (e.g. program licenses).

This model is well suited if requirements and/or scope can change during the course of the project.

We only bill for the days worked on a monthly basis. This way you always have an overview of the costs.

Who owns the rights to the software?

Before you decide on an IT service provider, you should clarify who will later own the rights to the source code.

Our contracts are legally binding: The rights to the software that we develop for our customers remain with the client.

No matter which billing model you choose: The developers work only on your project - with 100% focus and commitment.


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Get a free quote

You need a cost estimate for your software project?

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding fixed price offer.


Achieving goals quickly - Case Study

L-One further developed an existing software solution for the Vienna-based company movus.

This enabled movus to implement customer requirements - quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

L-One Interview

Meet our Engineering Manager Kinana

How does the collaboration with L-One work? What is particularly important to our Engineering Manager Kinana Rimawi? Kinana tells us all about it and more in this video. Watch it now!

Curious now? Learn more about our Offshore Development Team!



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