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L-One Tech Assessment Workshop

Tackle your technical challenge - professionally, quickly & cost-effectively

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Get a professional recommendation for your project

Whether you want to tackle new development goals or a capacity bottleneck, whether you are planning a refactoring or a scaling phase:

Our Tech Assessment Workshop focuses on your technical challenge. Based on the workshop, L-One IT experts analyze your project.

You receive an individual Tech Assessment

  • A professional assessment of your software project
  • Technical recommendations for the next steps
  • An effort estimate including costs, time frame, and required expertise

Get started with your project

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Booking our Tech Assessment does not commit you to a contract. You can also use the results for other purposes.


This is how the workshop works

In our Tech Assessment Workshop we bring your tech team and the L-One IT experts together - virtually or in Darmstadt. In advance, we familiarize ourselves with your software project and create an initial analysis.

An intensive exchange in a short time

  • In the workshop we develop a common understanding of the technical requirements.
  • We identify technical potentials as well as challenges and discuss possible solutions.
  • You get to know our team and our way of working.

These topics are in focus

  • Your business case and technical vision
  • The software system, the system landscape, and the technologies used
  • The development process so far

Afterward, you will receive a detailed Tech Assessment Report with a professional assessment of your project, recommendations for the next steps, and an effort estimate.

Double benefit

If you decide to tackle your challenge with us, you will benefit twice: With the workshop, we simultaneously lay the foundation for an efficient onboarding of our team into your project. You save time later and ensure software quality.

Start your project today

Take the first step with our L-One Tech Assessment:
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At a glance

    • Time frame: approx. 4 hours
    • Location: remote, at L-One in Darmstadt or at your location
    • Participants from L-One:
      • Feras Tanan, Head of Software Development
      • Valerie Dietsche, Head of Customer Relations
      • an IT expert for your tech stack
    • Participants from a customer's side:
      • Your CTO and/or Product Owner
      • Your Lead Developer, if any



Customer testimonials

The customers of our L-One Tech Assessment appreciate the independent expertise of our IT experts as well as the interactive, pleasant atmosphere of the workshop.

Find out what customers say about the L-One Tech Assessment here:

Marie Weedermann, CEO & Co-Founder of FAIBRICS

»The thoroughly prepared Tech Assessment Workshop impressed with its interactive atmosphere. Together, we developed specific scenarios for our technical infrastructure.«

Georg Martin, CEO & Founder of HCP Sense

»The independent expertise of an experienced L-One developer was very helpful for us. He advised us on our tech stack and software architecture. This gave us a lot of clarity and security.«

L-One Kunde Christian Schwehm

Christian Schwehm, CEO Calcolution

"The Tech Assessment Workshop was very well prepared and showed how deeply L-One has immersed itself in our project."

Christopher Ripp, CEO I3DEnergy

»The L-One IT expert effectively captured our frontend and backend issues and the helpful discussion led to insights. After all, there is not just one solution in software development.«

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