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L-One Tech Assessment Workshop

Lay the foundation for a successful software solution

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Get a professional recommendation for your project

Many companies lack the time or expertise to approach and implement new software projects professionally.

At the beginning of a software development project, it is important to define the framework:

  • Which technical approach is the right one?
  • What expertise is required?
  • How much will the project cost?
  • What does the project roadmap look like?

With our Tech Assessment Workshop, you can clarify these questions and set up your software project professionally.

This is what your individual tech assessment contains:

  • A professional assessment of your software project
  • Technical recommendations for the next steps
  • An effort estimate including costs, time frame and required expertise

Start the project

Take the first step with our L-One Tech Assessment Workshop:
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L-One Assessments

We advise you on your challenge

L-One offers both project-specific and topic-specific assessments. Our IT experts work intensively with you. You receive a customized analysis and professional recommendations. What challenge are you facing?

Icon für maßgeschneiderte Softwareentwicklung

Tec Stack Assessment

Is your tech stack future-proof and flexible? - We assess the efficiency, security and scalability of your tech stack and check whether you can easily integrate third-party services and APIs if required.

We evaluate whether your technology selection is suitable for your project and enables efficient, fast and error-free updates (continuous integration and continuous deployment).

Wolke als Symbolbild für Cloud-Computing

Infrastructure and Operations Assessment

We check your hosting environment and infrastructure. We focus on topics such as disaster recovery, data backup strategies and real-time monitoring of systems to ensure their stability and reliability.

We also check the consistency of the design documentation to ensure smooth expansion and adaptation in the future.

Symbolbild für Software Architecture & Testing

Software architecture assessment

We check whether your software architecture fits your goals and is future-proof. Our assessment covers topics such as the scalability and flexibility of the architecture.

Icon für Softwaremodernisierung

Assessment of your software modernization

You want to modernize your software and prepare it optimally for current and future requirements? Based on our L-One assessment, you can make well-founded decisions for your migration project.

The assessment ensures that the modernization measures are in line with the business objectives, optimize performance, improve security and use resources efficiently.

Symbol für Softwareskalierung mit L-One Systems

Scalability Assessment

Can your software keep pace with growing requirements and loads? With this assessment, you ensure that your software will continue to function efficiently and error-free in the future and can be developed flexibly.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis and test the performance under various conditions. This allows us to identify weaknesses and define optimization potential. More about L-One Scalability Assessment

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Customer testimonials

Our customers value the technical expertise and independent advice of the L-One IT experts.

Find out what customers say about the L-One Tech Assessment here:

L-One Kunde Christian SchwehmLogo L-One Systems Kunde Calcolution

Christian Schwehm, CEO Calcolution

"The Tech Assessment Workshop was very well prepared and showed how deeply L-One has immersed itself in our project."

Detlef Prien CEO of eDocL-One Systems customer eDoc logo

Detlef Prien, CEO of eDOC AS GmbH

"The professional analysis by the L-One experts showed us how we can technically implement our idea. We are currently planning the next steps together."

L-One Kunde Just Experts-CEO Daniel StrohLogo L-One-Kunde Just Experts

Daniel Stroh, Managing Director Just Experts

"The technical expertise of the L‑One IT experts convinced us. With the help of the tech assessment, we set up our project professionally. Now we are implementing it with L‑One."

Georg Martin, L-One KundeLogo L-One Systems Kunde HCP Sense

Georg Martin, CEO & Founder of HCP Sense

»The independent expertise of an experienced L-One developer was very helpful for us. He advised us on our tech stack and software architecture. This gave us a lot of clarity and security.«

Marie Weedermann, L-One KundeLogo L-One Systems Kunde FAIBRICS

Marie Weedermann, CEO & Co-Founder of FAIBRICS

»The thoroughly prepared Tech Assessment Workshop impressed with its interactive atmosphere. Together, we developed specific scenarios for our technical infrastructure.«

Christopher Ripp, L-One KundeLogo L-One Systems Kunde I3DEnergy

Christopher Ripp, CEO I3DEnergy

»The L-One IT expert effectively captured our frontend and backend issues and the helpful discussion led to insights. After all, there is not just one solution in software development.«

Insights into an L-One Tech Assessment

"Our developers are not making any progress"

Old tech stack, complex software architecture, outdated development processes - and as a result, standstills in important software projects:

A medium-sized company approached us with this challenge.

In our tech assessment workshop, we worked out together how the customer could solve this dilemma. The result surprised him - our CEO Lionel Born tells us more about it here:

case study
get started

The L-One Tech Assessment process

In our Tech Assessment Workshop, we bring your tech team and the L-One IT experts together - virtually or in our office in Darmstadt.

The focus is on these topics:

  • Your business case and technical vision
  • The software system, the system landscape and the technologies used
  • The development process up until now
Zahl eins für Discovery Softwareprojekt

Preliminary analysis of your project

The L-One IT experts familiarize themselves intensively with your software project.

We create an initial analysis and identify relevant topics for the joint tech assessment workshop.

Zahl zwei für Vertrag Softwareentwicklung

Tech Assessment Workshop

The L-One IT experts work with your tech team to identify the potential and challenges of the project and develop solutions.

We develop a common understanding of the technical requirements.

You get to know our team and our way of working.

Zahl drei für Programmierer finden

Tech Assessment Report


Get an expert opinion and get started

Regardless of whether you want to tackle new development goals or a software migration, plan a new development or scaling:

With the L-One Tech Assessment, you lay the foundation for a successful software solution.

Double the benefit

If you decide to tackle your challenge with L-One, you will benefit twice:

With the workshop, we simultaneously lay the foundation for efficient onboarding of our team into your project. This saves you time later on and ensures software quality.

Symbolbild für die Teambesprechung

At a glance

    • Time frame: approx. 4 hours
    • Location: remote, at L-One in Darmstadt or at your location
    • Participants from L-One:
      • Feras Tanan, Head of Software Development
      • Valerie Dietsche, Head of Customer Relations
      • an L-One IT expert for your tech stack
    • Participants from a customer's side:
      • Your CTO and/or Product Owner
      • Your Lead Developer, if any


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