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Case Study EASY-ROB Software

"We were able to pursue and achieve new development goals"

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About EASY-ROB Software

EASY-ROB Software GmbH, located in Hofheim am Taunus, develops software modules for industrial robotics. Since 1996, the SME has been selling the EASY-ROB™ simulation system. For certain requirements, the tool offers an interesting alternative to high-end simulation systems. Since 2000, more than 1,700 EASY-ROB™ licenses have been in use. 


What did EASY-ROB particularly appreciate about the cooperation with L‑One? 


"The high motivation, new ideas and a lot of enthusiasm of the developers ensured the success of the project."

Stefan Anton, Managing Director of EASY-ROB Software GmbH  

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EASY-ROB software used a standalone product built using an OpenGL library as a visualization tool - without the ability to generate a robot path from CAD models.

The goal of the project: to develop an open CAD-based robot offline programming system.

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L-One provided the customer with three developers who delved into numerous theoretical concepts before implementation.

Instead of using OpenGL as a visualization tool, the dedicated L‑One team used the latest OCCT technology. The OCCT libraries were also smoothly connected to the robotics kernel.

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The collaboration

"The high level of motivation, new ideas, and a lot of enthusiasm enabled us to make successive progress, thus ensuring the success of the project," reports Stefan Anton, Managing Director of EASY-ROB Software GmbH.

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Manpower needed to realize new development goals
    • Solution: L-One team with 3 developers
    • Expertise: Development of a CAD-based robot offline programming system
    • Project timeframe: 2020-2021
    • Tech stack and skills: C/C++ und C# (based on MS Visual Studio), 3D graphics, 3D data formats, OpenGL

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How offshore development succeeds

With the L-One model we ensure the success of your project: Our German team builds the bridge between our customers and our own offshore development team in Damascus, Syria.

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Steadily growing team

Since 2020, the dedicated L‑One team has been supporting agriBORA in front-end development. Meanwhile, the team counts 3 developers and also works on the backend.

agriBORA operates a cloud platform that helps more than 50,000 registered farmers to improve their yields, reduce risks and use financial services.

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Find developers quickly

For blink.it, a dedicated L‑One team handles full-stack web development tasks. The startup relies on L‑One to quickly find developers who can learn existing code fast.

Since 2015, the startup has been working to sustainably improve the world of training and education with an app for desktop, tablet and smartphone.


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