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Case Study agriBORA

"Thanks to the L‑One team, we work fast and agile"

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About agriBORA

agriBORA is an agricultural fintech company based in Germany and Kenya. The startup operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps more than 50,000 registered farmers improve yields, reduce risks, and access financial services.

The agriBORA app uses satellite imagery to provide farmers with weather forecasts, identify plant species, predict harvests, analyze soils, and more. In addition, the app serves as a trading and communication platform. Users handle payments and accounting in an "e-wallet". This and other components of the platform are synchronized with blockchain.


agriBORA has been working with L‑One since 2020. 


"Working with L-One's team of six developers enables us to save time and money. We are also able to concentrate on our core competencies." 


Kizito Odhiambo Founder and CEO of agriBORA

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"We need to be able to react quickly in software development," explains agriBORA CEO Kizito. In addition, the agriBORA-platform is continuously growing and with it the complexity of the system architecture. This requires an experienced full-stack developer team as well as management expertise. "We don't have the manpower in-house to handle this. Another challenge is funding," says Kizito.

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L-One provided agriBORA 2020 with two developers within four weeks. "Thanks to the use of the same communication tools, onboarding was fast and teamwork was straightforward from the start," reports Kizito.

Thanks to the attractive daily rates, agriBORA was able to scale its development team with L-One. It now has three L-One developers, an Engineering Manager, a Tech Lead and a Quality Assurance Manager.

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The collaboration

Since the start of the partnership in 2020, agriBORA has continued to expand its collaboration with the dedicated L‑One development team. 

In 2023, the startup switched to the „Outsourcing“ service model. Since then, an engineering manager from L‑One has been coordinating the development team.

She continues to develop the existing work processes and ensures high software quality. In this way, she relieves agriBORA's CTO of daily management tasks. 

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Scaling the platform requires manpower and expertise; agriBORA also wants to save time and costs
    • Solution: L-One team with 3 developers, 1 engineering manager, 1 tech lead & 1 quality assurance manager
    • Expertise: Fullstack development for SaaS platform leveraging satellite-based insights
    • Customer since 2020
    • Tech stack: Frontend: React; Backend: laravel, Node.js, Python (Django, Flask), postgresql; Cloud: AWS


Collaboration with L‑One

How does the collaboration with L-One work? And what makes software projects successful? – Kizito Odhiambo, CEO agriBORA, talks about that and more in this short video interview. Watch it now!


L-One in Interview

Meet the engineering manager of the project

How does the cooperation between L‑One and agriBORA work? What does L‑One Engineering Manager Kinana Rimawi place particular emphasis on in her project? And what are the success factors in software development? Kinana tells us all this and more in this short video. Watch it now!


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