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Case Study Blink.it

"With L-One we find developers - in less time than in Germany"

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About Blink.it

Since 2015, the startup blink.it has been working to sustainably improve the world of training and education with an app for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The platform has more than 270,000 users. More than 26,000 courses for e-learning and blended learning have already been created by trainers and companies with blink.it.

Why has blink.it been relying on L-One since 2020?


"Our biggest challenge: finding developers who can quickly learn the existing code. With L-One, we have found a good partner."

Michael Witzke, Managing Director of blink.it

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"We had to scale our development resources," says Michael Witzke. "Getting good developers at a reasonable price in Germany was very difficult for us in the past. The people we needed were simply not available on the market or were outside our budget."

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"Together with L-One, we have supplemented the development capacities of our core team in Germany," Witzke reports. The dedicated L-One team counts two developers and takes over full-stack web development tasks.

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"Our biggest challenge in software development: finding developers who can quickly learn the existing code and develop new functions based on it. We have found a good partner in the L-One team," says Michael Witzke.


The Collaboration

Regular joint meetings ensure smooth collaboration between L-One and the developers at blink.it: The teams talk to each other daily in stand-up meetings.

Every two weeks there are meetings to discuss project updates and open topics. In addition, the developers plan the next sprint, i.e. the next development period and its goal, at these virtual meetings.

"We have also integrated the Sprint Retrospective into these meetings," reports L-One developer Anas Laham Karaki. "That means we discuss what went well in the last sprint and what we should improve."

To ensure that teams can work seamlessly on common project goals, they use the Gitlab tool for task management and collaborative code work, as well as Slack for real-time communication.

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Find good developers at a reasonable price
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack Web Development 
    • Customer since 2020
    • Tech stack: now: JavaScript, Node.JS; before: mongoDB, express, Reactjs, Nodejs (MERN Stack), AWS  

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With the L-One model we ensure the success of your project: Our German team builds the bridge between our customers and our own offshore development team in Damascus, Syria.

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