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Case Study wer denkt was GmbH

"Thanks to L‑One we are maximally flexible"

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About wer denkt was

wer denkt was GmbH develops software both for its own products and for customers.

Digital participation platforms form the core product of the company, which was founded in 2010. This includes, for example, the app "appJobber".

In addition, who thinks what supports customers from various industries and deploys the L‑One development team wherever there is a need.

Currently, the offshore developers are working on a blended learning platform for the automotive sector. The platform enables web-based training, live streaming events and digitally supported classroom training.

Since 2021 cooperation with flexible L‑One team


"A key point why we chose L‑One was the customized solution L‑One offers us."

Thomas Tregel, Project Manager at wer denkt was

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As with many IT service providers, the order situation at wer denkt was changes from time to time.

"That's why we wanted to expand our development team and make it more flexible," says Thomas Tregel.

As a project manager, he often needs additional IT resources. For example, when he needs to modernize the tech stack of an existing system, but the in-house developers are busy with productive operations.

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In just four weeks, L‑One assembled a customized, dedicated team of developers who brought the desired expertise and experience.

From Darmstadt, L‑One organized the onboarding and two weeks later the offshore developers started working on the project.

Currently, the L‑One team is developing a new version for a blended learning platform that will replace an existing system. The who thinks what team takes care of the productive operation.

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As project manager, Thomas Tregel communicates daily with the L‑One offshore team. He particularly appreciates the team's independent way of working: "The developers understand the challenges of the project and are therefore not permanently dependent on my instructions.

Remote cooperation requires trust on both sides. "I know that I can rely on the developers," says Thomas Tregel.

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Flexible developer capacity for new customer projects, e.g. migration of a system to new technologies
    • Solution: Current team of 2 L-One offshore developers
    • Expertise: Frontend Web Development
    • Customer: since 2021 
    • Tech stack: Angular


"There are many things I appreciate about working with L‑One"

Why did the software company wer denkt was choose L‑One?

Thomas Tregel, project manager at wer denkt was, talks about this and more in this short video:


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Our daily rates are convincing

Profit from our attractive daily rates. The German L‑One team accompanies your project at no extra charge. Simply request and receive daily rates in a few minutes by mail.

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How offshore development succeeds

With the L-One model we ensure the success of your project: Our German team builds the bridge between our customers and our own offshore development team in Damascus, Syria.

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Use our expertise: Free of charge & without obligation

Get a professional assessment of your technical challenge from Lionel Born, CEO L‑One.

He will advise you on how to successfully master your technical challenge.

You will receive tips on how to make the most of the potential of offshore developers and successfully collaborate with an IT service provider.

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Case study: Steadily growing team

Since 2020, the dedicated L‑One team has been supporting agriBORA in front-end development. Meanwhile, the team counts 3 developers and also works on the backend.

agriBORA operates a cloud platform that helps more than 50,000 registered farmers to improve their yields, reduce risks and use financial services.

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Case study: Find developers quickly

For blink.it, a dedicated L-One team handles full-stack web development tasks. The startup relies on L‑One to quickly find developers who can learn existing code fast.

Since 2015, the startup has been working to sustainably improve the world of training and education with an app for desktop, tablet and smartphone.


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Customer testimonials

How do long-standing customers rate our service and the collaboration with L-One? You can find out on the Clutch platform.