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Case Study Solorrow

"The collaboration is professional and agile"

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About Solorrow

The Darmstadt-based startup Solorrow enables farmers to manage their fields more precisely and sustainably with a satellite-based app. Solorrow won the Hessian Founders Award for its user-friendly app. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for tablets and smartphones can be used to calculate the optimal use of seeds and fertilizers. In addition, farmers can identify zones that show low growth potential over a period of years. 


Why did Solorrow choose L‑One as its partner? 


"The developers at L-One are reliable, professional, and act independently. Despite the physical distance, I know our software is in good hands at all times."

Laura Stephan, Product Manager at Solorrow

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Solorrow was looking for a partner to develop a mobile app. The team had no employees with an IT background.

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Within a short period of time, L‑One provided Solorrow with a dedicated team of developers who were responsible for the development of the precision farming app from the very beginning. The L‑One team developed both the frontend and the backend, which captures and analyzes satellite-based agricultural fields.

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The collaboration

The L-One and Solorrow teams quickly established an agile, transparent and flexible form of collaboration. It was mainly carried out via the Trello project management tool. Software development was organized as an agile Scrum process with weekly sprints.

"The process is very structured. However, the L‑One development team also responds quickly to ad hoc requests and implements decisions at short notice," reports Laura Stephan, product manager at Solorrow.

Communication in the daily collaboration took place via Slack. In addition, there were weekly jour fixe appointments for meetings and sprint planning.

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Developing a satellite-based precision farming app
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack SaaS Mobile App Development 
    • Project timeframe: 2018 – 2021
    • Tech stack: PHP, CakePHP, Microsoft Azure, Xamarin

"The developers at L‑One are reliable, professional, and act independently and largely proactively," says Laura Stephan. "If content is lost in translation, they make sure that even non-developers understand complicated issues."

The product manager also attaches great importance to a good interpersonal basis. "We meet regularly for virtual tea or coffee," says Laura Stephan. "The content there is not about business, but also about intercultural topics. That helps me to understand the background better."


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