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Case Study Lylu

"Onboarding went incredibly well and smoothly"

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About Lylu

Lylu is a startup from Darmstadt. The young team has developed a tablet that gives seniors easy access to the Internet. Users access numerous functions via an intuitive, clear interface - from video calls and emails to online stores and digital media. The startup received the Hessian Founders Award in 2021 for the Lylu Tablet. 


Why did Lylu choose L‑One as its partner? 


"Connecting with the dedicated L‑One team allowed us to scale up our resources according to our needs within a very short time and successfully reach the finish line."

Vitaly Hilsendeger, Founder and CEO of Lylu

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As a young startup, Lylu had received funding in 2020. The team wanted to scale the app development as quickly as possible. To do this, additional developers were needed.

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Two weeks after signing the contract, the L‑One developers started working on the project. "It went incredibly well and smoothly," says Vitaly Hilsendeger, founder and CEO of Lylu.

Directly, the L‑One team mastered the first challenge: At the start of the project, the app development was based on a common codebase on the Android and iOS operating systems. In order to adapt the code for the respective operating systems, a "middle software" was developed.

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The Collaboration

Lylu's in-house team coordinated with the dedicated L‑One development team in daily meetings (daily scrums). In these meetings, the teams discussed what they had completed the previous day and what was currently pending. To clarify more complex tasks, they arranged separate meetings.

In most cases, one developer was responsible for iOS and another one for Android. Thanks to this hybrid development approach, the team was able to process tasks quickly and easily.

In addition, like all L‑One customers, Lylu was supported by our Head of Customer Relations in Darmstadt. With her, the teams clarified organizational issues, such as required capacities.

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At a glance

    • Challenge: Rapid scaling of software development
    • Solution: L-One-Team with 2 developers
    • Expertise: Full Stack Mobile App Development 
    • Customer from 2020-2022
    • Tech stack: Ionic using Angular, Express - Node.js (installed on Termux), Appium (for automation)

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