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To stay ahead of the competition, companies have to react quickly to market trends and customer wishes. Many business managers come to us because their software is throwing a spanner in the works:

Customers wait months for new functions, small adjustments become a mammoth project. Old software systems with complex business logic slow down innovation and make it difficult to train new developers.

Make your software ready for the future

With the L-One IT experts you modernize your software solution cost-efficiently and reliably. You improve customer satisfaction, drive innovation and strengthen the competitiveness of your company.

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Take the first step now - free of charge & without obligation

You lack the capacity or expertise in your development team to tackle software modernization?

Find out how you can implement the project cost-effectively and reliably with L-One - without affecting operational activities.

our approach

Count on a reliable partner from Germany

With a dedicated remote developer team from L-One, you transform your legacy system into a secure, flexible and future-proof software solution.

✔️ Cost-efficient thanks to our own offshore development team
✔️ Reliable because we manage the team from Germany and take responsibility for your success in Darmstadt
✔️ Contact person in Darmstadt who will accompany your project

We put together a dedicated team exclusively for your project. The L-One IT experts work their way deep into your business logic and source code. They build up know-how for your project.

The German L-One team accompanies your project and ensures your success. You receive a flexible contract according to German law - including a satisfaction guarantee.


Customer testimonials

What customers appreciate about L‑One

L-One has successfully completed numerous re-factoring and re-platforming projects. Find out now what our customers appreciate most about working with our L-One development teams:

Thomas Tregel Kunde von L-OneL-One Systems customer's logo - wdw

Thomas Tregel, Project Manager at wer denkt was

„We are migrating a web platform to new technologies with L-One. I appreciate the independent way the developers work. They understand the challenges of the project.“

Michael Witzke Kunde von L-OneLogo L-One Systems Kunde blink.it

Michael Witzke, CEO of blink.it 

„Our biggest challenge: finding developers who can quickly learn the existing code. We found a good partner in L-One.“

L-One-Kunde Eduard Ulrich, CEO von MovusLogo des L-One-Kunden movus

Eduard Ulrich, CEO of movus GmbH

"L-One carried out the refactoring of our web app: The performance has improved significantly as a result and so has the user experience."


Cost-efficient development - without compromise

Your advantages with L‑One

With L-One you modernize your software efficiently and according to plan. The L-One IT experts are highly trained. They bring the necessary expertise and resources for your project. An L-One Engineering Manager leads the team and ensures a smooth development process.

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Save costs - with high quality

Our Head of Software Development in Darmstadt ensures high software quality. Thanks to our L-One Offshore Model you benefit from cost-efficient pricing: Download price overview now! - We take care of recruiting, administration, training and infrastructure. You avoid fixed costs.

Wie Kunden Programmierer finden mit L-One - Symbol-Icon

We build up know-how for you

We take responsibility for your success. L-One provides you with a dedicated development team that works only on your project. They work deeply into your business logic, project goals and requirements - and build up project-specific know-how.

Händeschütteln Symbolbild deutscher Vertragspartner

Choose a German contractual partner

Our German L-One team accompanies your project and ensures high software quality and smooth communication. You have a contact person in Darmstadt and receive a contract according to German law.

Icon Kosten im Griff

Avoid unpredictable costs

Thanks to our fixed-price model, there are no unpleasant surprises. The costs remain the same, even if details change during the course of the project. We calculate the fixed price based on the scope of the project and the agreed requirements.

Sprechblasen Symbolbild für Kommunikation mit Softwareentwicklern

Benefit from smooth communication

Our German team accompanies your project and ensures smooth communication. All L-One developers speak very good English and adapt to your meeting culture. The time difference to our offshore development team is only one hour.

Doktorhut Symbolbild für qualifizierte Programmierer

Get the experts on board

We put together a team of IT experts for you. They bring exactly the expertise and experience needed for your project. All L-One developers have proven their expertise in demanding technical tests and interviews.

Case Study L-One Systems

Gain insight into a migration project

wer denkt was GmbH migrates a web platform to new technologies with L-One. The software company has been working with L-One since 2021.

In this video, project manager Thomas Tregel provides insights into the project and talks about working with the developers. - Watch it now!


free consultation

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Avoid security gaps - modernize your software now

Get a non-binding professional assessment of how to successfully approach and master the migration project.

Get started safely

In 4 steps to modern software with L‑One

With our proven development process, we migrate your legacy software efficiently and securely to modern technologies.

get started
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No-obligation consultation

We advise you without obligation on how best to approach the modernization of your software.

You will receive tips on how to work successfully with an IT service provider.

Book a call now!

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Free quote & roadmap

Our experts analyze your software and the planned technical migration.

Within a few days you will receive a free cost estimate including a roadmap for the project.

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Technical Concept

Zahl vier für Onboarding Entwickler

Migration of your software

We are responsible for and implement the migration of your software - productive operation continues as usual.

You receive regular updates on the progress of the project and can provide feedback.

free consultation

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Request an individual offer

Find out how much you can save with L-One!

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding fixed price quote for your modernization project.


Non-binding inquiry

Contact now

Just send us a message! We will get back to you personally within 24 hours.

It's best to briefly describe your project. This will help our experts to help you quickly.

Lionel Born, CEO von L-One Systems

Lionel Born
L-One Systems

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about us

About L-One Systems

Get to know us better

Since 2012, companies have been developing and modernizing their software with L-One Systems from the Rhine-Main area. Thanks to our "offshore software development - managed in Germany" model, our service is not only cost-efficient, but also guaranteed to be reliable.

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Our service models for your success

Whether you want to work closely with one of our development teams or outsource a project: We have the right service model for you.

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How offshore development with L‑One works

With L-One, you benefit from the cost advantages of offshore development - 100% reliably. Our team in Darmstadt will support your project and ensure your success.

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Success stories of our customers

Our customers appreciate the commitment of our development teams and the trusting partnership with L-One. They often work with us on a long-term basis. We build up know-how for them.