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L-One Systems – Mission, Story, Values

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Our Mission

L-One Systems is located in Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2012 we have been supporting startups and SMEs to achieve their software development goals - cost-efficiently and reliably. For this purpose, we have established our own development team in Damascus in Syria, i.e. "offshore".

Offshore development - managed in Germany.

With the L-One Offshore Model we ensure that offshore software development succeeds:

Our German team accompanies all customer projects and ensures their success. To this end, they work together with their colleagues from Syria on a daily basis. With competence, commitment and team spirit, we move our customers' projects forward together.

The German L-One team accompanies all customer projects and ensures their success. To this end, it works daily with our development team in Syria.

Achieve development goals with L-One

We solve your technical challenge - with 100% commitment

We provide our customers with cost-effective, dedicated remote development teams in a short period of time – both as Team extension and classical outsourcing.

Dedicated means that our development teams in Damascus only work for one customer and concentrate 100% on his project. We work with our customers on a long-term basis and build expertise together - as partners at eye level. Find out how our customers achieve their goals with L-One in the L-One Case Studies.

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Our values

Our offshore team in Damascus is growing steadily. Anyone who wants to work for L-One must have professional competence and a willingness to perform. In addition, applicants must prove that they are committed, responsible and team players. These are important values of the L-One corporate culture. 


Find out how our German team bridges the gap between customers and our development team in Syria here: L-One Offshore Model.

L-One Story

From IT bottleneck to own offshore team

Your company is growing, but the software development is not keeping up?

2017 we were in the same situation at L-One Systems. In addition to our customer projects, we were also working on our own software-as-a-service product Shaufel.

Things were going well. We received new customer orders, and our app Shaufel gained more and more users.

The showstopper: We lacked developers

Quickly, it became clear to us that we would soon no longer be able to handle this with our own team of developers. We had had bad experiences with developers abroad. Sometimes they were suddenly no longer available, sometimes the quality wasn't right.

The vision: Exploiting the potential of the Syrian IT market

This gave our Head of Software Development Feras Tanan an idea: an in-house offshore development team would solve our problem.

"I come from Damascus and know that the developers there are highly qualified."

Feras Tanan, Head of Software Development

Because Syria is internationally isolated, hardly any companies have access to this attractive IT market. We wanted to leverage this potential for ourselves and our customers.

The vision was followed by a lot of work. We had to reconcile German laws, Syrian requirements and compliance issues.

The solution: We founded L-One Damascus

In April 2018, L-One Software Applications LLC was founded in Damascus.

In the local IT community, L-One was quickly regarded as one of the most attractive employers - thanks to above-average salaries, exciting projects and a motivating corporate culture.

Success with IT experts from Syria

With the help of our offshore development team in Syria, we were able to take on new customer projects and successfully sell our SaaS product.

Since then, we have enabled startups and SMEs to also work with top IT talent from Damascus.



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Our projects

Learn what challenges our customers are solving with L-One and how they are collaborating with L-One's dedicated development teams.

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Our service models

Regardless of whether you want to work closely with L-One developers or hand over a project: We have the right service model for you.

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Use our expertise: Free of charge & without obligation

Get a professional assessment of your technical challenge from Lionel Born, CEO L-One.

He will advise you on how to successfully master your technical challenge.

You will receive tips on how to make the most of the potential of offshore developers and successfully collaborate with an IT service provider.

Big challenge, small budget?

"Many are surprised by our favorable conditions. They make new IT projects possible." Lionel Born, CEO L-One